vogue instead of dinner


There are various weeks throughout the year that get my undivided attention. I spend hours trolling the internet, instagram, websites and blogs on the hunt for the next thing that will take my breath away and transport me into another world, another dimension, to a world long forgotten. These weeks are the holy grail for designers and heaven on earth for a lowly fashion lover like myself. Once, twice a year if I am lucky in various cities all over the world I get seven uninterrupted days of my heart skipping beats every time a new fashion show is published. My thumb goes sore from scrolling through the countless pictures of clothing I could only dream of seeing in real life. Let alone, buy and own. The creme de la creme though would have to be Paris Spring Couture shows. Haute couture is what makes me weak at the knees. Absorbing as I have this week starting with Karl Lagerfeld’s wooden Chanel doll house, Armani Prive’s lavender hued goddesses, raucous Bowie-esque chameleons from a bygone Parisian night club scene at Jean Paul Gaultier to the ethereal Indian Edwardian inspired Elie Saab. So much beauty, so many stories told within each and every handmade stitch, each and every garment a labour of love of the petite mains, the seamstresses, the ateliers. Each piece is made to come to life by a single pair of hands.

I cannot help but think of a line from Sex and the City in which Carrie says “When I first moved to New York, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more.” Fashion is what feeds my soul and haute couture… haute couture is what I believe to be magic.

giambattista-valli-spring-2016-couture-kevin-tachman-backstage-08Giambattista Valli

giambattista-valli-spring-2016-couture-kevin-tachman-backstage-25Giambattista Vallikevin-tachman-backstage-christian-dior-spring-2016-couture-04Christian Diorkevin-tachman-backstage-christian-dior-spring-2016-couture-10Christian Diorkevin-tachman-backstage-christian-dior-spring-2016-couture-14Christian Dior05-backstage-viktor-and-rolf-couture-spring-2016Viktor & Rolf11-backstage-viktor-and-rolf-couture-spring-2016Viktor & Rolf05-armani-couture-spring-2016-backstageArmani Prive09-armani-couture-spring-2016-backstageArmani Prive07-armani-couture-spring-2016-backstageArmani Prive09-backstage-jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2016Jean Paul Gaultier12-backstage-jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2016Jean Paul Gaultier02-backstage-jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2016Jean Paul Gaultier04-backstage-elie-saab-couture-spring-2016Elie Saab05-backstage-elie-saab-couture-spring-2016Elie Saab17-backstage-elie-saab-couture-spring-2016Elie Saabchanel-spring-2016-couture-backstage-kevin-tachman-02Chanelchanel-spring-2016-couture-backstage-kevin-tachman-09Chanelchanel-spring-2016-couture-backstage-kevin-tachman-17Chanelchanel-spring-2016-couture-backstage-kevin-tachman-27Chanel


All images courtesy of Kevin Tachman backstage at the Paris Couture Spring Shows for vogue runway.com




chloé spring 2016 paris fashion week


Of all the shows to be presented during the month of fashion weeks across the globe, it would have to be Chloé that I have been waiting with baited breath for. Boy oh boy did it not disappoint. Designer Clare Waight Keller outdid herself once again in an homage to the 90’s in a perfectly mastered elegant youthful presentation. Now if it could all magically appear in my wardrobe I would be one happy woman.

All images via vogue runway.com

zimmermann spring 2016


I have long been an admirer of Australian fashion label Zimmerman.. They are one of my countries finest and longest established fashion designers. In my eyes they rarely get it wrong. Todays showing at New York Fashion Week did not disappoint. It was ethereal, magical, feminine yet mischievous. Taking inspiration from the 1894 book called Seven Little Australians, it beautifully blurred the lines in an homage to Australia, the beauty our country beholds and ornate fashion with attention to detail. This is how we should demonstrate being Australian. No gaudy gold or green but exquisite dusty pinks, muted florals and intricate cream lace.

All images courtesy of voguerunway.com

girl crush – no. 2

fashion, girl crush series

It has been a long time coming for my second and very far apart articles in this late bloomer of a series. I felt quite a lot of pressure from myself as to who could follow in the footsteps of my first girl crush. Was someone such as a fashion blogger worthy of being my second? It was not until I stumbled across Maja Wyh that I knew indeed she was a formidable women to add to this series. Maja Wyh is a german theatre and film student turned fashion blogger treading where very few have before her. I became a fan of Maja courtesy of pinterest and ever since then I have had quite a fascination with her. There is no one quite like her in the style stakes. She is part fashion goddess, part style chameleon. She has such a unique presence about her. Maja’s experimental and eclectic styling is a constant source of inspiration… or more often than not, source of wardrobe envy. She elegantly mixes tomboy, with a touch of boho and quite a delicate dash of rock n roll. She fuses high fashion, high street and vintage in one outfit. Grunge with sleek, minimal with layered, all the while making oversized look elegant, feminine, flattering and damn sexy. In a world where everyone seems to be wearing less and less clothing, with the opinion that skin is sexy. Maja is a lesson in elegance, sexy-reserved, minimally detailed romance and that looking at the whole picture is certainly worth your while.

In an interview she did for gds-online.com, she cites that her ambition is to inspire other people. Be it with art, photography or fashion. She says that blogging is about authenticity. That what we see is real. It is her. Her blog is a platform for self-realisation. If you head to her blog majawyh.com, not only does fashion and her styling have you scrolling for hours. It is her beautiful curation of art, rooms and her own personal polaroids that keeps you mesmerized. For a person who started taking photos only a year ago, first with a self timer and then later by her Mum. She has certainly proved in a short time that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her beautiful effortless aesthetic combined with her alluring quiet confidence and fearless attempt to try something experimental combines perfectly, all the while staying completely relevant. I unequivocally recommended you follow her blog http://majawyh.com . you will click back on her “older” posts all day long and be fixated. Come to think of it, you might just find me over there right now.

Images via majawyh.com

valentino spring 2015


So many words could be used to sum up this collection. Whimsical, romantic, folksy, intricate, humble yet elegant. Poetry…… it was pure poetry. It is what I imagine the folk trend looks like in my dreams.

I dare you not to fall in love.

All images via style.com

lady in waiting


So if the planets align & my path crosses with that of Prince Harry during my time in London I know who my go to princess fashion house would be. All hail Elie Saab & his Spring 2014 Couture collection. The perfect balance of femininity with a rebellious chic peek-a-boo risqué flash of skin edge…the perfect combination for a contemporary of the cheeky prince. I think the queen, if not definitely Kate would approve…no?













All images via style.com