About Me:

As human beings we often seek a life of perfection but perhaps life in all its glory is just quite simply Imperfectly Perfect. The words themselves are an oxymoron, they contradict themselves. Life is flawed, its messy, its defective, it breaks your heart & breaks you down yet at the same time its beautiful, it is love, it is new experiences, its happiness, it makes you smile & your heart sing with joy all in the skip of a heart beat.

I am in search of a life that is imperfectly perfect. Striving for perfection is such an empty goal, yet something us as humans seem so intent on. So therein lies my journey, my purpose in this wonderful world we live in.  I look forward to a life of balance, to one in which we can embrace the lightness & darkness, finding your place where you can be centered, celebrate your passions, your style, your happiness & your joys.

So this blog is my voice, my platform where I want to share what makes me smile, what makes me cry, fashion that makes me weak at the knees, stories of extraordinary people, tales of travel & everything in between.

I hope you enjoy my journey as much as I will sharing it with you. 


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