chanel resort 2018 collection


Karl Lagerfeld, is he a man or a some sort of fashion sorcerer? Despite Karl being a fixture in the Paris fashion scene for over 50 years he never ceases to keep the fashion world guessing as to what his next collection will entail. Chanel Cruise 2018 is no exception. If the Greek gods of old were to descend to earth they will find themselves met with Chanel clad mortal Grecian goddesses with strapped golden high heels, ruched bikinis, transparent coats, jewelled armbands, soft jersey dresses accompanied by muted pastels and dreamy cream variances with an abundance of bouclé suits any girl or goddess could only dream to have hanging in her closer. I highly doubt those gods would want to return to the heavens once they lay eyes on Karl’s unique translation of Ancient Greece. cha0023cha0053cha0080cha0121cha0171cha0226cha0240cha0279cha0282cha0296cha0319cha0333cha0384cha0416cha0432cha0640cha0746cha0811cha0831cha0844cha0859cha0872cha0930cha0937cha0955cha1031cha1077cha1114cha1131cha1150cha1171cha1187cha1229cha1250cha1272cha1308cha1327cha1342

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