great expectations


I have been neglecting this humble little blog of mine. Life seems to get in the way and before I know it, weeks have passed without me putting up a new post of images or writing a new entry. I think it is the writing that scares me the most. Is what I am saying even interesting?  Is anyone actually out there reading what I have to say?  I place such high expectations on myself that what I put out in the sphere that is the internet to be interesting or relevant or even readable. This blog is not the only place I put such hard sometimes unreachable expectations on myself though. Life in general hits me hard in the face when things don’t turn out they way I want them to.  I set the bar too high, aim just beyond my reach to only come crashing down with a loud thump when the universe sticks out her foot and I come tripping down back to earth. The beautiful thing with a blog though is that I am anonymous and can remain so as long as I need to. Apart from my dear friends who stop by from time to time. If anyone else were to stumble upon Imperfectly Perfect, they can only get to know me from the words I put into type or the images that move me. So I am going to make it my mission to allow whoever might be out there to get to know me a little better. Not a daily commitment, let’s just aim for weekly or twice weekly. Slow and steady wins the race. I hope you like getting to know me as much as I look forward to getting to know you… whoever you might be, wherever you might.