music is the glue of the world


There is a line in one of my favourite movies, in which one of the characters Eddie says  “This music is the glue of the world, Mark. It’s what holds it all together. Without this, life would be meaningless.” This sentiment particularly resonates with me. Amongst those who know me, it is a well known fact that music is one of my passions.  Live music though is a deep soul connection for me. I feel it within every inch of my body & my skin feels twitchy like I might jump out of it due to the pure joy it brings me when the music is playing. There is nothing greater than going to a gig, the energy in the air before the band comes out on stage. It is like little jolts of electricity is bouncing from one persons skin to the person standing next to them. Sending a charge throughout the audience.

I was at a gig not long ago of a well known Australian hip-hop act. Hip hop is not my thing. However my best friend asked me to go with her and I am never one to shy away from a gig. This particular friend I have seen in a whole range of emotions throughout our friendship but the pure, unadulterated, bone tingling joy that swept across her face as those first cords were played. I have never seen her so happy. That look on her face. I can only hope my face shows that much emotion when my favourite band is on stage. I love that music can do that to a person. That the artist can connect so deeply but so simply with their audience. I have been through every major and minor moment in my life with music. It has seen me through break ups, bad days, amazing days, it gets me through cooking dinner or just driving in my car. It transcends to a whole different level when it is played live though. The hum from the speakers that creeps along the floor taking tiny pieces of everyone in the rooms energy until it reaches you, climbs under your skin, deep down into the darkest parts of your heart and then makes your body start to move without you knowing how or why. In that moment you feel invincible. Your eyes are closed, your heart is open, you feel as if everyone in the vicinity is a collective whole, you are all there for the same reason. Religion, sexual orientation, fashion sense, none of that matters. You are there for the music. Without these moments in life that bring you joy for no other reason than to make your heart sing. Life would be meaningless. You are the glue that is holding the world together. We are all holding the world together.


Oh and the movie, its called Empire Records. Watch it. You will not be disappointed.