girl crush – no. 1


I have been toying with the idea of setting up a regular post in which I expose my secret admirations for inspiring, out spoken, forward thinking, courageous, beautiful women. It seems only fitting to make the first one someone whom I have only recently met and have the upmost respect for. Having met her in person my admiration for her & her work has only increased. She is possibly the coolest, most down to earth woman you will ever meet but it is her photography, her craft, her art that blows you away. Her images transport you to another world, a world in which everything is flushed with a dream like haze, begging you to jump on in and see the world she created before the lens. If a picture tells a thousand words, Carly’s images make me create stories, novels in my mind, a place I could get lost in for hours. I dare you not to get lost in the magic that is Carly Brown.


All images via or look her up on instagram at _carlybrownphotography_


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