pfw: chanel spring 2015 ready to wear


Say what you will about Karl Lagerfeld’s decision to stage a faux-test at the Chanel S/S 15 show in Paris last week. I know not enough nor am I informed enough to wax lyrical about feminism and the current political environment around the world. I seem to be going for a head in the sand view on things as the onslaught of bad news upon bad news seems all too much sometimes. It was a fashion show and the reason everyone was there was to look at the clothes.  Me oh my weren’t they beautiful. Pretty paint-splattered tweed, rainbow silk and ribbon woven in and out, monochrome metallic pin-striping and the continuation of “street-inspired” casualification of Chanel classics. The models walked down the street in pairs, trios or by themselves, with different hair and make-up. They were individuals walking down a very busy and Chanel-ified street. The message Karl seemed to be portraying was dress however you want. If only my bank account afforded the luxuries of dressing however I want.


0E5A9434 0E5A94400E5A94470E5A94520E5A07930E5A94600E5A94640E5A9474 0E5A94660E5A08120E5A95040E5A95130E5A9496 0E5A94870E5A08070E5A07980E5A9626 0E5A9624 0E5A96100E5A08280E5A9602 0E5A9560 0E5A95460E5A0816





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