to write love on her arms


I saw this on the back of a car this afternoon as I pulled up at my house. Such a beautiful compilation of five words in one sentence. It stopped me in my tracks. To write love on her arms. To write love on her arms. It just rolls off the tongue. I want to keep repeating it in my head.

Those five words for me though… why stop at her arms. Write love all over her skin, in her soul. Whisper it into her ear as you pull her hair back from her face. Write love over every inch of her body until she believes it.


sunday lovin’


It has been quite awhile since a Sunday has had me smiling right down into my deepest depths of my soul quite like today. From my morning coffee from Jamie’s on my drive down the coast, to the morning paddle board with two of my favourite human beings, salty swims, impromptu coffee at new cafes, conversations to awaken the soul, eating watermelon with the juice running down my fingers and face leaving them sticky with joy, listening to John Coltrane as the sun goes down and the summer breeze flows through my apartment and to finish it all off a run along the river restoring my faith in my body and the limits it can push itself to when it has to all while watching possibly the most spectacular sunset I have seen since being home. Yes. Yes indeed Sundays are my favourite day of the week. IMG_3033 Image: courtesy of my friend Brooke

pfw: chanel spring 2015 ready to wear


Say what you will about Karl Lagerfeld’s decision to stage a faux-test at the Chanel S/S 15 show in Paris last week. I know not enough nor am I informed enough to wax lyrical about feminism and the current political environment around the world. I seem to be going for a head in the sand view on things as the onslaught of bad news upon bad news seems all too much sometimes. It was a fashion show and the reason everyone was there was to look at the clothes.  Me oh my weren’t they beautiful. Pretty paint-splattered tweed, rainbow silk and ribbon woven in and out, monochrome metallic pin-striping and the continuation of “street-inspired” casualification of Chanel classics. The models walked down the street in pairs, trios or by themselves, with different hair and make-up. They were individuals walking down a very busy and Chanel-ified street. The message Karl seemed to be portraying was dress however you want. If only my bank account afforded the luxuries of dressing however I want.


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