face in a crowd


I find myself looking for you, searching for your face amongst the nameless strangers in the sea of people I encounter in my wanderings. I look for you in bars, on the bus, on the street. I see you in the faces of those who walk past me, or the voices & conversations I overhear on the tube, the snippets of people I soak up when I am people watching. I keep thinking that just maybe we will bump into each other & remember why it was that we felt like we did for that brief moment. The one in which we felt something that could not have its beginning. Perhaps we will have grown, you will be ready to let me in, and I will be grounded, staying in one place. One day I hope our eyes meet across a space, any space, a crowded room in the least likely of places, somewhere in this wide world. I know I will keep a smile for you. A smile for the time when we meet again, a smile you will know is completely yours. For now though, when we are so close yet so far from each other I will look for you. Are you looking for me?


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