things i would like to do with you


no. 3

Wake up beside you to that handsome bearded face, smile at you as you walk towards me in a crowded place, sit across from you & laugh at your terrible jokes, listen to you speak with your hands & your glistening eyes when you are talking about your passions, see your name appear on my phone as a new message…… there are so many things I would like to do with you if I was given the chance….. if only you would like to do them with me.




travel diary: iceland



I have only recently returned from Iceland and on numerous occasions since I have heard her calling my name through the layers of volcanic rock & the stark white blankets of snow. I seek out her etherealness in my dreams willing myself to be transported back to the unique beauty. Iceland has always been on my list of places to visit. In truth though I don’t think I really knew exactly what to expect. Yes I came for the Northern Lights but what I gained in return was far more rewarding. From the surreal icy landscape & the countless natural wonders, it is by far one of the most beguiling countries I have ever laid my eyes on.